A mobile app which makes uploading car images easy

Automotive Photo Management App

Image Manager is a simple and easy to use tablet app designed for companies who take professional images for vehicle sales. The app lets field users take pictures and instantly upload them onto a web portal where they can be published to websites or sent to customers.

It works in just three simple steps.

Image Manager is designed to be used by anyone, with any background.

Step 1: Take Images of Cars

Step 2: Upload to Cloud Portal

Step 3: Download from Web Portal

Image Manager Features

Select Image Size (HD available)

Choose your image size depending on the strength of your wifi signal. The solution offers super high resolution images and videos to a professional quality level.

Manage Multiple Clients

Multiple clients can be managed on the same platform, broken up into the correct places. This means that images can uploaded to different clients without having to log-out or use a different system.

Download Instantly

Uploads and downloads are instant (depending on internet signal). Once in wi-fi range, the user simply selects ‘Sync’ to upload the images directly to the Image Manager portal for inspection / editing / publication.

Security Features & Tracking

Track devices across different locations and ensure data is protected with advanced security features including automatic sign-off.  Instant messages and push notifications can also be sent to teams using the app.

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